TrayButton for WhatsApp v.1.0.83

     Hi all! We hope this little program will help you use your Windows desktop better, streamline your workflow a little, and never miss important WhatsApp messages from friends and colleagues. After the release of the new version of WhatsApp Desktop based on UWP, support for Windows Tray became very modest, which greatly interfered with the usual use of the popular messenger. The result of this situation was the creation of this small program. 😀
TrayButton places a WhatsApp shortcut in the Windows system tray and can perform several actions, and WhatsApp for Windows must, of course, already be installed. It should be noted that our program does not interact with WhatsApp in any way; all the functions it performs are performed as if you were doing it yourself, for example, launching WhatsApp through a shortcut from the desktop. With the tray shortcut you can quickly open or close WhatsApp. When new messages or calls arrive, if WhatsApp is not active, the shortcut will display the number of missed events. 💌 The add-on has an unusual feature that makes the WhatsApp window appear when you receive new messages or calls. Thank you for using our program. 🤝

The program is completely free, you can use it on any number of devices, in any way convenient for you, including for commercial use. The further development of this and our other programs depends on you, because we work thanks to your support. We will be grateful for any donations. ❤️
Thank you! 🙏

Note: unfortunately, financial capabilities do not yet allow us to purchase signing certificates for programs, but we will do this in the near future. Therefore, when installing TrayButton, the SmartScreen tool built into Windows will most likely report an unknown publisher and suggest not using the program. 😢 Unfortunately, we cannot yet influence this situation in any way. 🤷‍♂️

What's new in version 1.0.83:
* Improved compatibility with Windows 11
! WhatsApp search algorithm has been updated. Update if it doesn't find WhatsApp.

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